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Realizing advanced clean energy systems

The Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE) is a non-profit, charitable corporation whose objects are to facilitate the discovery, research, development, demonstration and evaluation of clean energy systems. PACE is an NGO Special Consultative status with the Economic and Social council of the United Nations (ECOSOC). Our work is possible through contributions by our generous supporters.


Our history

The Planetary Association for Clean Energy was founded in Ottawa in 1975 by a network of scientists, under the guidance of Hon. Senator Chesley W. Carter.

the pace network

We have developed an international interdisciplinary network of advanced scientific thinking individuals and organizations.

The Archives

The Planetary Association for Clean Energy is recognized international research library, and an archive on advanced scientific thinking matters.

project highlight

Digital archive project

Throughout half a century of research and public information development, the Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc. (PACE) has produced and collected a vast, internationally recognized special library comprised of many rare or original documents. In early 2020, PACE embarked on a project to formally archive, curate, digitize and publicize the contents of our special library collection. 

Nikola Tesla with equipment

Our logo

The PACE logo is what pioneering physicist and engineer Nikola Tesla saw in his lab in New York City, when he was transmitting electrical energy through a single sire, sectioned and pointed at his eyes. The swirl is the magnetic field that follows into the electron stream going forward towards an observer